PTB Photometer-bench-system

The bench is sperated in multiple segments which can also be used independently.

At 3 points of the bench there is a diagonal bench. Those benches are primarily used for the installation of luminaires. The benches dispose of a camera/monitoring-system to adjust the luminaires that they stand in the optical axis. Also those benches provide the possibility of an automated change of measurement-equipment or luminaires.

At the end is a 45° diagonal bench and a luminaire-turner (kind of a goniometer).

The bench is seperated by two lamp-houses (up to 20kW of power), which, when not used just release the optical path.

The bench-system has a maximal-measurement-distance of 40 meters.

A special challenge was the alignment of the bench.


The bench-wagons are motorized and dispose of position-sensors.

The wagons can be moved manually, with a control-panel on the wagon or over WLAN of the process-control.

The wagons can control IEEE-devices and even more periphery.

There exist further WLAN/IEEE-converter to control stationary devices. Those controller are in principle bench-wagons without a motorization.

The standard bench-wagon is always the same. But there are also special-type which have more setups.